Videos on "police brutality" provoked by the moronic weekend reporter
By M. Bignotti, Posted Tuesday, July 09 2013

I kinda have enough of those people posting videos of "illegal" reaction by the police at checkpoints.

I do get the fact that they have specific rules they need to abide to, but what these "weekend reporters" do all they can to make the police doubt they actually have something to hide. Yes you do have rights of privacy and you do have rights that should never be infringed upon... all this is fine and dandy up until you start acting like a douchebag, because that's what it is.

Ever heard of the student with his recorder in the classroom and kept provoking the teacher to get a reaction, the reaction finally came and the teacher started yelling at the student, of course... Teacher fired.

The police has a job to do, checkpoints are in place to stop drunk drivers or catch the occasional fugitive... Now let's empathize for a moment here, let's get in the policeman's shoes.

Your job is to STOP any criminal or anybody who's engaging in an illegal action and you're stationed on a road-block on Saturday night, where often are caught drunk drivers and charged with DUI. Now here's the next guy approaching who's not being cooperative at all and does all he can to do the exact opposite; What do you do? also... question, how do you think a criminal acts? "Yes officer, sure look in my trunk where I placed my girlfriend's body, carefully packed in plastic to avoid leakage."...
Criminals act exactly like the douchebag who tries to be cool and records the provoked police brutality.
What are you supposed to do? let him go without checking on the doubt HE HIMSELF created? well you could... and then it could turn out that the guy you left hit a jogger 10 miles up the road while intoxicated or even better... he actually did have a body in his trunk.

What's my point? stop acting like a dick to the police, they're underpaid and they're supposed to help you; If you act like a dick, you'll just get a dick response... Why do you waste their time?

Who does this? kids do that, they push their parents and teacher to see what they can get away with, provoke you because you can't really react. Have you ever heard a kid say "you can't slap me, ahah" I did hear it...

So, next time you post a great video on how a provoked policeman yelled at you, just know you're a fucking idiot and your video is at the same level as those fuckers that go to stores and smash gallons of milk on the floor and run away... you're just older.

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