My Skills and Passions

I've got quite a few skills collected over the years, I like to describe myself as a "Jack of all trades, and master of them all" (humble, I know) simply because when I start a project I usually dive completely in real depth :)... it's really the only way to do a great job.

My skills started with hardware, assembling computers first as a hobby and then professionally  building infrastructures in BSD, automating tasks with bash scripting for which I wrote a framework for agile development (bash-tui) and moving on to web PHP and proprietary CMS (the one on which this website lives), Heavy custom Javascript and jQuery (as my favorite framework). Perl was my next love with its very long learning curve, but really worth it! I really enjoy how perl natively works with regular expressions, making them an extremely powerful tool in the right hands!

But software is not the only thing i love, I had the luck to start working at Switchvox in 2012 and dive really deep into Linux distribution maintaining, making contributions to several open source projects, one of which is CentOS

And I didn't stop there, while growing up I always regretted not studying the complex world of physics and electricity, thanks to Arduino and Raspberry Pi I build a few projects,one of which is what I currently use in a few server rooms to keep under control temperature and humidity.

There are more things I could say, but for now I'll stop here... :)