Something about me...
I was born in the early 80' in a town north of Milano in Italy, Desio. Of course a very sweet kid!
Started my first paid job in Italy in 2001, pretty much as soon as I could drive,
How can I describe myself without sounding like a narcissist? :) So I had someone else write it for me... but I don't know how that makes it better :D
Matteo is a true blue Italian, originating from the sunny city of Milano over 30 a few more... years ago. With his seductive accent and a talent for BSD/Linux applications, Matteo pursued a career as a web programmer back in the late 90s working together with Telecom Italia at their MMS/sms portal delivering content to their users. His technological thirst was not quenched though, and he knew he could not stop his quest for knowledge. It was one Spring day in 2005 that he discovered the intricacies of phone systems with Asterisk and Switchvox and set upon what he thought would surely be a new career path. 

After a working at several personal Asterisk projects, Matteo had a revelation. While he truly appreciated his new skill, he realized his efforts would be better spent writing code as a result of his unique ability to see instinctively how systems should interact; and how to make them work. It was then Matteo recognized his true calling had been right all along as a system developer he joined the Switchvox team in 2012 and quickly owned the distribution and has been working tightly with CentOS ever since.

As a result of his versatility, extensive experience and savvy familiarity with all things web, mobile, client and server, he constantly rises to any challenge thrown at him and loves every minute of it.

Favorite quote: "I had a broken watch once and even it was right twice a day"